Daily Archives: October 28, 2014

the tree

The tree that started it all

the treeI drove past this tree almost daily during the growing season for 3 years.  The tree and its house are located right next to the community garden where I had my plot.  I saw the tree, but never really looked at it carefully until one day after I returned from a Permaculture educators class.  There was THE tree– the tree that David Holmgren included in Design Principle #1– Observe and Interact


How could I have missed this for so long?  I clearly was not following the observe part of this design principle.  At least not until I was ready, and the tree was ready and the house and property were ready.  So on the day I drove by and saw the realtor’s sign and really looked, it was clear to me that this was the homestead I had been hoping for for so long.

Most of my life I have been rather a gypsy.  Moving from place to place, not staying too long in one house.  From my childhood on, I always longed to live in the country.  I have done that several times, but never on an acre.  It has taken all these years to build the skills I will need to turn this neglected little spot into an energy efficient, food-producing homestead.  Join me on this exciting journey.