Welcome to Sunflower Permaculture

Today is exactly one month before my 60th birthday.  So it is time to get this project underway.  About a month ago I purchased a project.  A small utilitarian, cinder-block house on an acre of bottom land both of which have been sorely neglected for some time.  Remaining true to the spirit of my misspent youth, I moved in.  This makes the BONE house of the late ’70’s seem palatial.  I do love challenges, and projects.  Here is the plan in very broad strokes.

1. ) Turn the plain-Jane single-pain no insulation cinder block into a Passiv Haus energy efficient beauty.

2.) Create a food forest using Permaculture design principals.

3.:Teach other people how to do some of these things here in my Sunflower Permaculture Classroom.